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Inline skates typically have 4 polyurethane wheels, arranged in a single line. The in-line design allows for greater speed than roller skates and better maneuverability. Inline-skating is practiced and performed using inline skates designed for race tracks, skate parks, urban areas, and off-road. Skating is an effective, low impact cross-training workout for all types of sport players who require training on all five components of fitness including cardiovascular, endurance, flexibility, strength and body composition. It supplements as an effective alternative to running and jogging (as the impact on knees is less than half comparatively).

There is a growing inline skating audience in Sri Lanka as of recent thanks to the recent development of cycling and walk paths, and a select group of inline skating groups and clubs who promote speed skating, slalom, and rollball. Sri Lanka Rollerblading Club hosts a skate day every Tuesday for anyone who would like to try out the sport.

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