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Mesh Academy of Dance is Sri Lanka's first experimentation dance school with international ties. Launched in 2015, Mesh Academy of Dance aims to be a vibrant, dynamic, and creative cross cultural establishment that awakens the love of dance through the integration of the body, the mind and the spirit to educate, enhance and cultivate the “dance as an educative art form” in Sri Lanka. Through this establishment, Mesh Academy of Dance will not only be introducing new and challenging forms of dance to Sri Lanka, but also be exposing the talent pool of Sri Lankans internationally. It offers African Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Post-Modern, Hip-Hop and Fusion.

It is founded by Umeshi Rajeendra - a graduate from Ohio’s Denison University with degrees in Dance and Economics. Rajeendra has over the years gained a wealth of experience both as an international and residential teacher/choreographer.

ADDRESS : 27th Lane Colombo
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Available activities

Ballet (Dancing) Dance Hip Hop and Contemporary Dancing

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