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Born in Sri Lanka, grown up in Germany, Eva studied Political Science, Sociology, Contemporary Dance and Yoga in both Europe and Asia. Meditation and Yoga became part of her life after her first encounter on her first journey to Sri Lanka. In November 2015, about 15 years later, she opened Sri Yoga Shala. Her first formal education was in Berlin, Germany (Henning Scheel, Andrej Lappa and more, 200hrs in 2007) before she continued to study in the Krishnamarchaya lineage at the KYM in Chennai, Ashtanga with Sachindananda in Mysore (BNS Iyengar style), Iyengar with Nanda Kumar and Vedanta at the Dayananda Ashram in Rishikesh as much as internationally with David Swenson (Advanced Course), Louisa Sear (300hour TT), Sianna Sherman (WS), Ana Forrest (Advandced studies), Sally Kempton (Workshop), Clive Sheridan (WS) and many more.

ADDRESS : Diwelwatta, Thalpe North Galle
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