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30 May 2018 at 06:00 pm   -  expired

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About the event

Join this first-of-its-kind panel discussion to inspire yourself, and gain insights on this mysterious field which has gained popularity recently. So what's really the big deal about Yoga, and why is everyone talking about it?

- Dispel common myths related to Yoga
- Understand the many types of Yoga available
- Learn simple tips and techniques for stress relief;
- The many science-backed benefits of Yoga;
- Approaches on how best to start the practice & many more!

Find out answers to burning questions such as "do you need to be flexible to try Yoga?", "how can it help relieve stress and anxiety?", "what's the best way to start?", "how can Yoga help specific ailments?" and many more!

The event is FREE and ANYONE is welcome to join this informative panel talk.
Whether you are a complete newbie to Yoga or not, we hope you do not miss this valuable opportunity to interact with these amazing Yoga teachers in Colombo.

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