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The Sky Club director Suren De Silva was the first Sri Lankan to fly a Paramotor in Sri Lanka and has pioneered Ariel filming with a Paramotor. The instructors are certified with various international organizations such as FAI (Europe), ASC (USA) and Mark Silverberg Mark has been actively flying paramotors and paragliders since 2000.

Their staff instructors are experts at teaching new jumpers the skills needed to obtain their first skydiving license issued through the United States Parachute Association and recognized worldwide. A new skydiver can earn the USPA A license in as few as 25 jumps. The training program follows the USPA Integrated Student Program step by step. An Accelerated Free Fall is the best way to learn Skydiving. It allows you to experience and learn from a full free fall and Canopy flight in each jump. After a day in a class room you will be fully trained to face your first skydive assisted by two Instructors who will guide you through your first skydive. You will

ADDRESS : 15, Skelton Road Colombo
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