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Nanda Siriwardene is a student of guru Srikanth Abey who was a personal student of the respected B.K.S. Iyenagar. His specialized training under guru Swami Maharashta enabled him to master the most advanced asanas – the pranayama, mudra and bandas that have only been seen in practice among the ancient gurus of Hatha Yoga.
Nanda Siriwardene is a famous guru from Sri Lanka who has traversed the universe of Hatha Yoga. Its length and breath, its asanas and its benefits are so well know to this guru that he was the first to introduce a Yoga hospital to the country. With the initial knowledge and Asanas being mastered at a school going age, Guru Nanda Siriwardene has today mastered the art from world known gurus from the outskirts of India. Having both mastered and sharpened his knowledge of Yoga and Hatha Yoga from renowned institutes of Yoga in India, Singapore, Australia etc, he has met and resided with the respected gurus of this ancient art of the body and mind, undergoing intens

ADDRESS : 182, Dutugemunu Road, Kohuwala Colombo
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