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10 Nov 2018 at 09:00 am   -  expired

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Join this first-of-its-kind informative talk to gain insights on a topic that has gained popularity recently - the consequences of too much sitting. So is sitting really that bad, and why should anyone consider preventing sitting related muscle imbalances?

- Understand the root causes of postural muscle imbalances, it’s usual and unusual symptoms;
- The anatomical disadvantages of our species;
- Simple tips and techniques for easing and preventing pain;
- The many science-backed benefits of adding movement to your routine;
- Approaches on how best to start a preventative program to undo postural damage

Whether you currently suffer from posture related pain or not, we hope you do not miss this valuable opportunity learn about a topic less talked about yet is crucial for our long term health and workplace productivity.
Conducted by: Shawn Roche.
Venue: Likuid Spaces, 5 Charles Place, Colombo 03.

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